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Parent Code of Conduct

Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct

All parents will abide by the Code of Conduct, which include the following:

  1.  I will not criticize the Association, board members, coaches, players and/or cheerleaders in public but reserve constructive criticism for later, in private, with those involved.
  2.  I will accept decisions of the game officials on the field as being fair and called to the best ability of the officials. 
  3.  I will not criticize an opposing team, its players, spirit participants, coaches, fans by word of mouth or by gesture.
  4.  I will emphasize with my child that good athletes strive to be good students that are physically and mentally alert.
  5.  I will strive to make every football/cheerleading activity serve as a training ground for life, and a basis for good mental and physical health by being there to support my child.
  6.  I will emphasize that winning is the result of good "TEAMWORK".
  7.  I will refrain from talking to my child during games and practices.
  8.  I understand that any fan that becomes a nuisance and out of control shall be asked to leave.
  9.  I will refrain from using abusive and profane language at all times.
  10.  I will not deliberately incite unsportsmanlike conduct.
  11.  I will abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages at both the game and practice fields.
  12.  I will support all fundraisers and other Association activities.
  13.  I will be responsible for completing and returning all paperwork during the season on time.
  14. I understand I will be required to help out where needed during association functions.
  15.  I will not do anything that will be detrimental to the team and/or association.
  16.  I will be responsible for getting and picking up my child on time from all association functions.
  17.  I will be responsible for all my child's equipment and uniforms.  I will replace anything that is lost, stolen, damaged due to misuse or not turned in at the end of the season.
  18.  I will uphold all Rules, Regulations, National and local, regarding Pop Warner Football, Cheerleading and Dance.

    Any violations of the code of conduct can result in termination of Association participation.

Consequences of Behavior

  1.  At any Pop Warner event, practice or competition, any adult who:    
    a.  verbally abuses   
    b.  attempts to intimidate   
    c.  is flagrantly rude to 
    d.  cannot control their language or actions with 
    an official, coach or Pop Warner volunteer will be asked to leave the Pop Warner event. S/He will receive written warning regarding their behavior. His/her child will be immediately removed from the Pop Warner event.
  2.  Any adult that commits a second similar offense will be banned from Pop Warner events for the remainder of that season.  Association will refund registration moneys pro-rated based on the percentage of the season remaining.
  3.  Any adult who physically assaults an official, coach or Pop Warner volunteer will be banned from Pop Warner and their child removed from the Pop Warner program for one year from the date of the offense.  The child(ren) may not participate in another Pop Warner Association during the sanctioned period.  After one year, the parent may apply for re-instatement for his/her child(ren). If the adult commits a second offense, s/he will be permanently banned from Pop Warner and the child(ren) permanently removed from Pop Warner. The term physical assault includes, but is not limited to: hitting, slapping, pushing, spitting, kicking or striking in any way with any part of the body or any physical implement.

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